Affiliate Program Overview

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Earn $75 per sale with our custom sportswear Affiliate and Brand Ambassador Programs!

That’s just on average too!  As a Brand Ambassador or Affiliate member, you’ll receive 5% of any custom apparel order no matter how large ($500-$20,000).   Imagine getting a payment of  $1000 just for posting a link to our website or sending a link to a friend!  That’s all it takes to begin creating a significant revenue stream.

Better yet, you don’t even have to refer a sale to create a revenue stream for your company, website, or group.  You’ll receive $10 for each sales lead you refer to us and you are paid for each click as well!  There is no risk, and no way you won’t create a positive source of revenue just by promoting a quality product and service.

Finally, to top it all off, you earn 10% on all of our retail sales products too.

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  • Average per sale commission of $75!
  • It’s FREE and costs nothing
  • Earn 5% on Custom Apparel Sales
  • Earn 10% on Retail Apparel Sales
  • Get $10 per a Custom Apparel Lead
  • Easy to use Personal Control Panel
  • 120 Day cookie life

Start Earning Today!

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Top Reasons to join our Affiliate Program:

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Sets up in under 3 minutes!

Our Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Programs are very simple and easy to get up in running in seconds!  In fact, we do all the work for you.  All you have to do is make a post, send an Email, or share a coupon, and your set up to make your first commission on sales!  Here are the steps…

  1. Sign up for the program (60 seconds)
  2. Log in to your Control Panel (15 seconds)
  3. Select a text link, banner, or coupon (30 seconds)
  4. Distribute via a post, Email, webpage, or group. (60 seconds)
  5. Relax…that’s it!

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It doesn’t require anything…

As our Affiliate or Ambassador we set up a personal control panel for you to provide you with all the tools you need to start right away and be successful!  There is no technical knowledge required, and we’ve already done all the ground work on creatives and links.  Finally, it’s FREE and costs nothing!   Here’s what you’ll easily find in your control panel…

  • Already created banner ads, links, and coupon codes for you to use
  • Ready to view reports of sales, clicks, and referrals
  • View your commissions, payout schedule, etc.

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