Why Join?

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It’s a WIN-WIN for YOU

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realvista_webdesign_money_bank_48  You Win!

Our Affiliate and Brand Ambassador program is a win-win for TWO huge reasons for you.

1st) You are monetizing your website presence and opening up a significant channel of income for yourself or organization!  Every sale made by customers you refer is income you receive.

2nd)  You are able to provide an additional benefit to your readers and viewers which in turn adds another benefit of visiting, participating, and membership of your website or group.   When you join our exclusive Affiliate or Brand Ambassador programs, you are qualified to offer special discounts and incentives to your visitors, members, or friends!

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Discount-5-Icon  Your visitors WIN!

By signing up, your visitors, readers, and members benefit from exclusive discounts they can use on products and services that are relevant to them!  They’ll love the benefit of being a visitor, member, or subscriber to your content or network.  Right from the start your visitors and members will get 5% off their entire custom apparel order and 10% off all retail apparel sales!

Not only will these discounts make for happier visitors and members, but will increase your constituency’s loyalty to your web presence or membership.  It adds to the value they receive from continually being a participant in your content, group, or membership!

Start Earning Today!

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More good reasons to join our Affiliate Program:

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Sets up in under 3 minutes!

Our Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Programs are very simple and easy to get up in running in seconds!  In fact, we do all the work for you.  All you have to do is make a post, send an Email, or share a coupon, and your set up to make your first commission on sales!  Here are the steps…

  1. Sign up for the program (60 seconds)
  2. Log in to your Control Panel (15 seconds)
  3. Select a text link, banner, or coupon (30 seconds)
  4. Distribute via a post, Email, webpage, or group. (60 seconds)
  5. Relax…that’s it!

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It doesn’t require anything…

As our Affiliate or Ambassador we set up a personal control panel for you to provide you with all the tools you need to start right away and be successful!  There is no technical knowledge required, and we’ve already done all the ground work on creatives and links.  Finally, it’s FREE and costs nothing!   Here’s what you’ll easily find in your control panel…

  • Already created banner ads, links, and coupon codes for you to use
  • Ready to view reports of sales, clicks, and referrals
  • View your commissions, payout schedule, etc.

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