Propel™  is a quality micro mesh fabric made from 100% Coolmax™ Polyester.  Custom cycling jerseys constructed with this fabric offer great breathability and moisture wicking.



A lighter and noticeably cooler fabric that utilizes a 4 channel moisture wicking system that sucks moisture away from the skin via its Tetra Channel system.  With Tetra-Cool™ fabric you will definitely see and feel the difference!



Engineered for maximum moisture transfer and evaporational cooling, Hex-Mesh™ fabrics give you maximum comfort and cool you down for your top performance each time on the saddle.  Hex-Mesh™ fabrics utilize composite-weave technology to create micro cooling chambers drawing moisture from your body, and evaporating it to cool you off!



A super lightweight fabric designed to rapidly transfer moisture away from the body and increase vaporization.  This combination means maximum cooling for your body even during the most intense expressions of physical activity.  Used in pro circuits, Vaporflux™ fabric is proven and tested for elite performance.


Taking fabric engineering to the next level, Exo-Skin™ was developed for pro athletes to handle the severe conditions pro athletes put their bodies into.   This leading fabric is now available to you to take your performance to the next level.  Exo-Skin™ fabric exploits dual weave technology to create the most effective transfer and vapor chambers for the most effective high performance fabric available today.