Cycling and Biking for Congo

Ascend Sportswear is Racing for Congo!

Race for Congo Cycling and Biking Jersey
Race for Congo Cycling and Biking Jersey

Ascend Sportswear is teaming up with World Relief to support the Race for Congo August 1-7th.  The 1st annual Race For Congo is a cycling race across the country and against the clock to help end the urgent crisis in Congo. With conflict tearing families apart, insecurity threatening the innocence of women and hunger stunting the growth of a generation, the people in Congo are praying for peace to come now.

Joining them in their cry, 8 Race for Congo cyclists will pedal wearing Race for Congo cycling and biking jerseys and gear from Ascend Sportswear.  They will ride in relay around the clock August 1 – August 7, crossing 2,776 miles in 7 days, enduring grueling hours and pain-filled nights to raise $2 per mile.  Read more about how you can Help and own this cool cycling jersey!

Their goal is to raise as much as we can to bring relief to Congo.  To do this we need your help!  We are going to donate 50% of ALL proceeds from our Race for Congo Cycling and Biking Jersey sales to World Relief and their great cause to bring relief to the people of Congo.  If you are interested in purchasing a Race for Congo cycling jersey you can pre-order it here!  You’ll get a great cycling and biking jersey and substantially support a great cause.  Furthermore, by wearing your Race for Congo cycling jersey it will help bring awareness to the urgent need for relief in Congo to hundreds of folks who see it!

View this short video about the urgent need for relief in Congo:

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