Nothing but a desire to get some new custom sportswear! You can get started with us today by giving us a call or submitting our Get Started form so we can begin helping you get some great new custom sportswear! We know you still may have a lot of questions, want to see samples, or need to wait on other things, but we can begin helping you with everything right away. If you have ideas for your artwork design we can even get started on your design, all before we require anything from you!

Only when you are 100% satisfied with us and are ready to place your order into production! We want you to be super excited and satisfied with your design, your product selection and order before you make a commitment to us. That’s why we are committed to providing you excellent service even before you pay us a dime. Get Started with us today so we can earn your business by serving you!

Not at all! You can still start with us. In fact most of our clients don’t have an order ready when they begin working with us. Unlike most other vendors, we don’t require you to make a payment or place an order to begin. Our process is easy and begins with nailing down your artwork first, so we can work on that while you are still putting your order together!


Nothing, zero, the big goose egg… It’s FREE and we mean truly free, not like those other guys who have a limit on the number of revisions you can make, or give you a limited number of free hours. Our custom design service is F R E E with unlimited revisions and a satisfaction guarantee. We’re not happy until you’re happy with your design, and that’s why we don’t limit you. Start your design HERE. You’ll be paired up with a dedicated professional designer you’ll work with directly to create a design you absolutely love, guaranteed! Our design team does true custom work too. None of that cookie cutter template stuff that is generic. We take the time to create something unique and special for YOU. Check out these custom cycling jersey design examples to see how we do!

UNLIMITED! We want your custom cycling jersey design to be perfect for you, and we’ve assembled the industry’s best design team to make that happen. There are no limits on revisions, and we’ve never had a customer be unsatisfied with our work. In fact, we are so confident, that we GUARANTEE your satisfaction. You’re not required to pay a cent before you love your design and are ready to order! That’s the Agile difference.

Technically nothing, you can start with just some ideas in your head! We have a full service design team of professionals that can create beautiful work from little to no details from you. Of course if you have logos, graphics, or other artwork you’d like us to use, we prefer those in Vector graphic format or the highest quality images you can get your hands on. If you have pictures or images, they should also be the highest quality you can get your hands on, and we recommend 300 dpi or greater resolution so you can get great print quality! Our team wants the highest quality and best possible print for you, so we request these types of artwork on your behalf, and not because they are easier for us! We have years of experience, and know what graphic formats, colors and resolutions will look the best on your team’s custom cycling jerseys or sportswear. Begin your design by uploading your ideas, logos and other resources with our Design Consultation!

Basically its a type of file that gives us awesome print quality! The reason is vector artwork is scalable so we can change the size of the graphic without ruining the quality of the image. We’ve published a vector artwork example to illustrate the difference and importance! For a more scientific definition: Vector artwork is a special file type that uses precision mathematical formulas to develop graphical shapes instead of pixel location on a screen. It’s perfect for high quality custom cycling jersey designs or artwork because it can be scaled larger or smaller without losing the quality of the resolution.

We understand it can be difficult at times to track down vector artwork files, and we don’t want that to stop your team from looking great this year! Find the highest resolution and highest quality files you can get, and start a design with our team. You’ll get a professional designer assigned to help you, so they’ll then let you know if we can work with what you have. Furthermore, our team will do their absolute best to convert them into vector images for use. We will even try to recreate your logos for you if that’s not possible. Either way, don’t let this stop you from beginning your new custom sportswear. We’re ready to help you all the way!

Of course! We just offer free custom design services for those clients that don’t want to design themselves, but lots of our customers choose to do their own design in house. Our team will gladly work with you and take your finalized artwork and prepare it for production. We have our own artwork design templates you can download HERE or we accept any design template you have! We can’t wait to see your design…

No problem! Our talented team of designers can use as little as a napkin sketch or as much as production ready drafts to turn your custom cycling jersey design into a masterpiece. If not, and you are struggling with ideas, our team will get creative for you and utilize any information about your team, group, or event to make your design pop! With our services, you don’t need to have it all together to get started with us. Get started now so we can help you! Looking for inspiration? Check out our past work at our Design Portfolio!


Your order is delivered in your hands in under 5 weeks! With most other vendors you’ll typically have to wait 6-12 weeks before you see your new gear. Not with our service. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry so you can spend less time waiting on your gear and more time enjoying it! We also Guarantee On-Time Delivery. Do you have an event or some other deadline you need the gear for? When you work with us, you can have peace of mind that your gear will be On-Time, GUARANTEED or its completely free! That’s right, we guarantee to deliver your gear on time or your whole order is FREE! PS – We’ve never given an order away for free (hint – we’ve never missed a deadline in our 6 years of serving our customers).

No problem! We offer RUSH services for an additional fee so we can get your order to you fast and on time for your needs. How fast? We do RUSH orders on a case by case basis and depending on current demand and other variables it can be as fast as 2-3 weeks! Best of all, when you do a RUSH order with us, we GUARANTEE delivery on time so you can relax and know you’re all set with Agile.

Before we can ever begin your order we need a few things for sure, 3 things to be exact. The most important is we need artwork that’s been approved by you to print and we need to know what to produce for you (your product selection and quantities). Finally, we require a payment deposit of at least 50% of your balance. Once we get these 3 things, we can begin production and you’ll be 5 weeks or less away from receiving your new gear!

No! We were the first to introduce ALL INCLUSIVE pricing, because like you, we used to order custom cycling jerseys and other gear and were frustrated we never knew the total cost of our order up front. So, we changed that, and our pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE, which even includes shipping to your door! You won’t find any hidden fees, artwork fees, or miscellaneous charges with us. We like to make things easy for you, so you always know your final cost upfront just by looking at our published price list!

Just ask us! Any order we accept with notice of your deadline we GUARANTEE to deliver on-time! We’ve been in this business for a long time, and know how to deliver custom cycling jerseys and custom sportswear on time, every time. In fact, we’ve NEVER missed a deadline in the 6+ years we’ve served our customers. We’ve even had an employee drive a customer’s package 12 hours through the night when UPS couldn’t deliver because of bad weather, so they wouldn’t be disappointed for the big event the next day. With us, you’ll know your order will arrive on time, GUARANTEED.

YES! We want you to get the right custom cycling jerseys and sportswear (that’s kind of the point isn’t it?), so as long as your order hasn’t began production we’ll change it to meet your new needs. We offer the best customer service in the industry, so even if production on your custom cycling jerseys or custom sportswear has began, we’ll do our best to arrange things to meet the change!

To begin your order with us we don’t require you pay anything! You read that correct, there is no upfront cost to begin your order with Agile. We want you to be confident in your choice with us before we ask you to pay anything upfront, and we are very confident in our track record of providing awesome customer service! That’s why you can begin your order with us FREE of charge. Our design team will produce an amazing design for you all for free, and you can request samples, sizing kits, and put your order together with confidence ALL before we ask you for a penny! Get started with us HERE now.

Yes! We know collecting orders and then money from each member is a huge hassle and can be a very frustrating thing. That’s why we offer a convenient online team store that is just like shopping on Amazon.com. Members will go to your specific store web address, select their products and sizes, and make payment all in one easy swoop! Best of all the service is FREE for our customers and there are not extra charges for using the service. Finally, one of the worst parts of managing a team or group is gone when you use our team store online ordering service!


Yes! Unlike many other vendors, we know teams and groups are made up a variety of genders, shapes, and sizes. Just have a few males or females on your team? Not a problem anymore, as with our service you can mix these cuts into any order for any garment to meet the minimum. Now everyone can be happy and get a cut that fits them great! Check out our Order Minimums page for more details.

Yes! We have the most flexible order minimums program in the industry which gives your team or group tons of flexibility to meet every need and fit. We not only allow you to mix genders in your order, but you can also mix styles like short sleeve, long sleeve, and sleeveless into your order and still count towards the minimum order quantity! New this year too is our Minimums + program, that gives your team or group unprecedented flexibility and NO MINIMUMS on items after you reach a 10+ quantity on base products. Interested? Contact us and ask about our Minimums + program so we can share the exciting details with you.

Yes, you bet! Seeing our quality and finished product is critical for deciding to choose Agile. We offer samples of all of our products so you can inspect and approve them before you place an order with us. If you are interested in a custom cycling jersey sample or garment sample of any kind, just Contact Us and a custom apparel specialist will set you up to receive the samples you need! Having the right size is important, so we provide full sizing kits at your request to make sure your team is fitted perfectly. Anytime you need one, just ask your custom apparel specialist, and they’ll set everything up for you. Our job is to make this process easy and painless for you, and that goes for sizing and sample kits too. We even provide you with an easy return shipping label free of charge so you can easily return the items.

Working with us means special treatment, and we continue that treatment with our Reorder Policy on our custom cycling jerseys and sportswear! We offer a low minimum of only $275 on repeat orders within 9 months of your original order! It gets better too, as we price match all reorders to your original quantity discounted price. Booom, thanks for being an Agile Sportswear customer! Now all those straggling or late joining team members who miss the initial order can get their gear too and keep the group looking good!

Our minimum order quantity is just 10 ‘like item’ garments and you can combine men’s and women’s items to meet this minimum! What are like item garments? Good question…Like Item garments are garments within the same category (example: Short Sleeve, Sleeveless, and Long Sleeve jerseys are all within the same Cycling Jerseys category). Quantity discounts are calculated through the totals of ALL your garments in Like-Item categories, which means compared to our competitors you get the maximum discounts with us! Check our our Order Minimums page to see a complete chart of ‘like items’ and other details.