Major Motion Development Cycling and Biking Results

Major Motion Development Cycling Team Criterium FinishMajor Motion Development Cycling Team sponsored by Ascend Sportswear delivers higher performance results in the USA Cycling 2011 Junior, U23 Elite Road Nationals

Among the most elite junior cycling ranks in the USA, team Major Motion Development delivered an outstanding performance which included 5 top 10 finished and 2 top 5 finishes!  The USA Cycling 2011 Junior, U23 Elite Road Nationals which was held from June 22-26 in Augusta,GA saw the nations up and coming cycling and biking stars in action for nearly a week.

There were a total of 5 events including 3 road races, 1 criterium race, and 1 time trial race.  Cycling Team Major Motion Development’s best performance came during day 3 in the criterium race.  Both team members Cory Williams (shown above – far right) and Ben Bertiger earned a spot in the top 10, with Cory making the podium in 4th position overall! (FULL CYCLING RESULTS BELOW)

Other notable finishes came in the Men’s Road Race Cat 1/2/3 – Junior – 17-18 on the final day.  Ben Bertiger finished just outside the podium in 5th position overall for an outstanding effort.   Ben also had another finish just outside the top 10 in the men’s time trial (14th).  Perhaps the backbone of the Major Motion Development cycling team for his overall performance during the 2011 USA Cycling Road Nationals, ben is showing to be a promising young cyclist. (FULL CYCLING RESULTS BELOW)

Major Motion Development Cycling and BikingA model of consistency for her cycling team had to be the young but determined Julyn Aguila from El Paso, TX.   On day 1 in the women’s Cat 1/2/3/4 – Junior – 13-14 she finished just outside the top 10 in 12th position.  She didn’t make the same mistake twice though.  When day 2 came about in the women’s cycling time trial Cat 1/2/3/4 – Junior – 13-14, Julyn broke inside the top 10 edging out Julia Sante by 12 seconds to become 10th place overall.  (FULL CYCLING RESULTS BELOW)

Overall the Major Motion Development cycling team has made Ascend Sportswear a proud sponsor who hopes to continue this success into next year’s season.  Team Director David Pulliam had this to say regarding the relationship, “the partnership of Major Motion Development and Ascend Sportswear is truly a Godsend. We have been floundering trying to find a sportswear company willing to work with kids. We feel we have found a home with Ascend Sportswear and their cycling apparel.  They pushed production to deliver cycling bibs to us at a moments notice for Junior Nationals. This is unheard of in the sportswear industry. Without ever seeing a sample, they were able to provide us with very comfortable cycling bib shorts that our elite riders were able to use in both the Criterium and Road Races respectively.”



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