Payment Terms

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realvista_projectmanagment_schedule_48 Submit Order

Once you have everyone sized up, placing your order is easy!  Your Custom Apparel Specialist (CAS) can collect your order in any format you want (simple list, excel sheet, Email, or our ordering forms).   After you submit, your custom specialist will fill out the order form and all the details for you!  Afterwards, they’ll then send out an order summary for your to confirm to make sure you that we have everything for your custom cycling jerseys and sportswear perfect for you!

View Order Minimums & Requirements:

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realvista_accounting_loan_48 Make Deposit

Once you confirm your order, your Custom Apparel Specialists will send you a production deposit invoice for  50% of the total balance of your order.   This deposit is required before production can begin, but making the deposit is simple and easy with us and we provide several methods of payment.  You can even make it over the phone with your Custom Apparel Specialist!


Meet your specialist now:

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