APEX Custom Cycling Bibs


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  • World Class Swiss

  • Premium Italian

  • Excellent Warm
    Weather Performance

  • Ultimate compression
    for improved muscle
    stability and endurance

  • Great

  • Advanced Sun
    Protection of UPF 50+

  • Anti Bacterial

APEX Cycling Bibs & Shorts

Most cycling shorts or bibs utilize fabrics with some level of nylon in their makeup for the saddle area; this gives the region of the garment that sees the hardest use an adequate level of durability, but the tradeoff is that these nylon-based fabrics don’t take ink as well so they are typically dyed black. Our APEX™ Series Bottoms have come to change that. Using our premium Eschler Coldblack Glass™ Swiss fabric, you can get the same high levels of compression, stretch privacy, and durability in a white fabric, which means these bottoms have Full-Print capability! As with all of our cycling bottoms, our APEX™ shorts can instead come as bibs––with straps made from our specialty MITI Tahiti™ Italian fabric—and have Syntex™ Comfort Gripper silicone-injected hems to keep the legs from riding up. Italian-made Chamois choices include EIT Endurance™ 3 for road or off-road use, or EIT Road Performance HP™.

Standard Features:

  • Printed with our Vibrant Color Architecture™ process
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts
  • Our exclusive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Notable Features:

  • Eschler Coldblack Glass™ Opacity fabric for ultimate cooling and comfort without compromising compression
  • EIT Endurance™ 3 for road or off-road use or EIT Road Performance HP™ chamois for amazing comfort and support even on the longest rides!
  • Syntex™ Comfort Gripper silicone-injected hems for ultimate comfort, performance, and look!
  • Italian MITI Tahiti™ bib strap fabric provides ‘barely-there’ comfort and ultimate breath-ability keeping you cooler longer
  • Pro Flatlock Stitching delivering elite comfort and advanced aerodynamics


Eschler Coldblack Glass™

Eschler, a Swiss manufacturer of premium technical fabrics, is like the Rolex of textiles. One incredible innovation they have developed is called Coldblack: fabrics that block not only UV radiation, but also thermal radiation from the sun. This means that the fabric itself is 5° colder than its surroundings—you’ll feel the difference as soon as you pick it up, and you’ll stay cooler no matter how strenuous your activity!

Above and beyond this revolutionary cooling technology, Eschler’s own knitting techniques give our Coldblack Glass™ fabric the tightest knit possible. This garment will feel like a second, better skin, as its 4-way stretch capability gives you the support of maximum compression or the freedom of moving without resistance, contouring to your every movement. And as if that wasn’t spectacular enough, the tighter the knit the more vividly the fabric will print, meaning your designs will look more like they’re on a fine canvas rather than a piece of athleticwear.

MITI Tahiti™

MITI Tahiti™ fabric is a special purpose fabric built to be lightweight, strong, and comfortable.  It excels at all of these with its unique knit structure and composition.  It allows for maximum air flow for high performance moisture management, strong enough for durability, yet soft enough and almost a ‘weightless’ feel for supreme comfort over traditional fabrics trying to accomplish the same.

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