APEX Elite Custom Cycling Jersey


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  • World Class Swiss

  • Premium Italian

  • Excellent Warm
    Weather Performance

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Great

  • Advanced Sun
    Protection of UPF 50+

  • Anti Bacterial

Apex Elite Cycling Jersey

Our APEX™ Series is appropriately named, because it is the pinnacle—or apex—of performance and comfort. It’s hard to top all the bells & whistles of our APEX™ line, but APEX Elite™ jerseys manage to reach an even higher peak with upgraded fabric technology. APEX Elite™ ventilation panels are made from MITI Aria™ 110gsm Italian fabric, while the main panels made from Eschler Coldblack Sol™ 150gsm ultra-premium Swiss fabric with optional Elite Flatlock Stitching™. And that is all on top of the ever-growing list of perks: Aero™ low-rise collar with Comfort Strip™ seam tape, Syntex™ arm & Syntex HD™ rear waist gripper bands, ergonomic rear pockets with Dry Guard HD™ hidden bonus zipper pocket, HV™ Reflective Tag, and side + underarm + upper back ventilation panels.

Standard Features

  • 3 Rear Pockets
  • Durable double stitched seams
  • Printed with our Vibrant Color Architecture™ process

Notable Features:

  • Swiss fabric construction with Eschler Coldblack Sol™ for the ultimate performance
  • Ventilation panels are made from MITI Aria™ for optimal cooling and comfort
  • Syntex™ arm & Syntex HD™ rear waist gripper bands for perfect grip and stability without loss of circulation
  • Enhanced side, underarm, and upper back ventilation panels for more cooling and added dryness
  • Optional Elite Flatlock Stitching™
  • HV™ Reflective Tag for enhanced safety and visibility on the road
  • Ergonomic rear pockets with Dry Guard HD™ hidden bonus zipper pocket to keep electronics dry
  • Elite Full Invisible Zipper so graphics look great on every jersey and you can easily remove safely after a long ride


Eschler Coldblack Sol™

Swiss engineered Eschler Coldblack Sol™ is the foremost pinnacle of fabric technology and engineering.  It further builds on our ‘tetra-channel’ moisture management technology but delivers it in the most leading-edge way by being thinner and more efficient than ever before.  This means you get better prints, more privacy, and better evaporative cooling to keep you comfortable and at the highest performance.  Better yet, Sol™ is built with Coldblack technology that reflects the sun’s thermal radiation at the particle level, meaning it actually repels heat and refuses to absorb the sun’s rays.  It’s like this fabric does a Chuck Norris round house kick to the sun’s face—pretty awesome, unless you’re the sun.  Don’t believe me? You can actually feel the temperature difference as soon as you pick up a Coldblack fabric like Coldblack Sol™!   Finally, Sol™ is engineered to be a 4-Way stretch fabric that provides a full range of motion and an exceptional fit every time.

Italian MITI Aria™

Italian MITI Aria™ utilizes the latest technology and research to deliver pro-level results in every key area of mesh ventilation fabric: air flow, weight, and coverage.  Its high density porous knit provides the utmost ventilation and maximum volume of airflow for the ultimate in evaporative cooling.  Furthermore, the cleverly-engineered shape of the knit creates micro pockets of high and low pressure air that act as a ventilation accelerator delivering the amazing breathability and comfort.  All this in a package that is ultra-lightweight and provides the best coverage in its class, so your privacy is never in doubt.   Quickly becoming a pro favorite, you won’t be disappointed with Aria’s™ levels of comfort and performance!

Syntex™ Comfort Grippers

Syntex™ Comfort Grippers deliver cutting-edge performance in the areas of compression, print, and comfort.  They provide an engineered balance of grip and compression to hold your garments in the optimum position, without hindering performance by reducing blood flow or distracting focus by aggravating comfort levels.

Every aspect of Syntex™ Comfort grippers are engineered for a purpose.  Their composite construction combines multiple materials to achieve these results.  The skin contact layer is a mix of strategically printed silicone and super soft nylon.  The Hexagonal silicone printing uses the universe’s most efficient pattern, so you get the most grip in the lightest weight and most minimal package possible.  A middle band of sturdy yet balanced elastane for durability and compression.  The outermost layer of Syntex™ Comfort Grippers are made from high density polyester for superior printing and graphics display for the best look available!

Weight .5 lbs



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