Elevate Custom BMX / Downhill Jersey


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  • Excellent Warm
    Weather Performance

  • Ultra Lightweight

  • Great

  • Advanced Sun
    Protection of UPF 50+

  • Anti Bacterial

Elevate Custom BMX Downhill Jersey

Utilizing the same premium fabric and technology as our most popular cycling jersey, the Elevate, our Mountain Bike (MTB) jersey is designed to help you look cool while keeping you cool.  It’s moisture management fabric has ventilation in all of the right places. You’ll appreciate the durability, too.  Available in 3 sleeves lengths to suit year round conditions: short, 3/4, and long, you’ll be sure to find the right option for your personal preference and style.  Generous in fit to allow freedom of movement.  Whether your choice of challenge is mountain, trail, or track this jersey is ideal to help you tackle any terrain.

Standard Features:

  • Durable double stitched seams
  • Printed with our Vibrant Color Architecture™ process
  • Available in 3 sleeve lengths: short, 3/4, and long

Advanced Features:

  • Constructed with our durable Tetra-Cool® fabric which uses its advanced knit technology to keep you cooler on the road over traditional fabrics
  • Fresco® fabric side panel inserts offering better breathability and enhanced comfort



Tetra-Cool™ is a noticeably lighter and cooler fabric than Propel™ thanks to its 4-channel moisture wicking knit which is built to channel moisture away from your skin and to the exterior of the fabric for great evaporative cooling.  This excellent design allows it to move more moisture faster than traditional fabrics without adding weight or reducing coverage.  This lighter weight brings you additional comfort and it’s practically famous for its soft feel making it one of our most popular fabric choices.  All in all it keeps you cooler longer even under intense physical activity, making it easier for you to enjoy your favorite hobbies the most in or outdoors!


Fresco™ is especially designed to be very lightweight and super breathable to keep you cooler and more comfortable than standard performance fabrics.   Its unique knit with star-shaped ducts give it great structural integrity and moisture-wicking while still maintaining solid ventilation to move saturated air out, and fresh air in.  More fresh air = better dynamic (evaporative) cooling .   Placed in strategic places on garments, Fresco™ makes significant impacts in air ventilation, and therefore your comfort!

Weight .5 lbs
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