Volare Elite Thermal Cycling Jacket


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  • World class cold
    weather performance!

  • Unique knit offers
    solid wind protection!

  • Great

  • Advanced Sun
    Protection of UPF 50+

  • Anti Bacterial

Volare™ Thermal Cycling Jacket

Our Volare Elite™ Thermal Jacket utilizes our amazing TEK Polar™ 270gsm insulating fabric, which is both windproof and waterproof with a plush fleece interior while still having great breathability so you won’t feel like you’re cycling in a sweatsuit or plastic bag. Add to that a collar Zip Guard™, a Grip Lite™ silicone waist gripper, Velcro closure Double Fabric Compression Band™ cuffs, a HV™ Reflective Tag, and a bonus Dry Guard HD™ hidden zipper pocket in addition to the three main rear pockets, and you’ll see why the Volare Elite™ Thermal Jacket is an extremely comfortable and versatile garment.

Standard Features:

  • 3 Rear Pockets
  • High 2-piece collar for extra protection from the elements
  • Elite YKK invisible zipper that doesn’t interfere with graphics
  • Durable double stitched seams
  • Printed with our Vibrant Color Architecture™ process
  • Our exclusive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Extraordinary Features:

  • Advanced 4-way stretch performance for increased range of motion, efficiency, and endurance
  • Formed with TEK Polar™ 270gsm insulating fabric with 4-way stretch performance
  • Dry Guard HD™ 4th rear zipper pocket for sweat and rain proof protection of valuables!
  • Advanced Grip Lite™ silicone waist gripper bottom to keep it in place and comfortable at all times
  • HV™ Reflective Tag to increase visibility and safety
  • Pro Zipper Cover to eliminate discomfort and irritation on the neck


Tek Polar™

Italian Tek Polar™ is a high performance fabric that brings several key benefits under one roof of fabric.  Namely, this Italian jewel gives you superb thermal, wind, and water protection while still offering a plush interior fleece for amazing comfort!  Tek Polar™ uses extraordinary membrane technology to make a solid wind- and waterproof barrier that is still breathable.  The result is a fabric that gives you the protection you need from the elements without the unpleasant side effects that come with traditional windproof and waterproof fabrics, like locking your body’s heat and sweat in (think riding in a sweatsuit or creating your own personal greenhouse––yikes!).  With our Italian Tek Polar™ fabric, you can keep out all the elements AND still keep your comfort.

The revolutionary membrane technology delivers true wind and water proof performance unlike anything before it.  I love the fact that this fabric is not just coated with a finish to create water repellant behavior like many weather fabrics widely used today.  These coatings can actually wash off and lose their performance over time!   Instead, you get real, lasting windproof and waterproof performance with Tek Polar™.

Weight .5 lbs
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