Volare Elite Custom Cycling Shorts


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  • Premium Italian

  • Excellent Warm
    Weather Performance

  • Ultimate compression
    for improved muscle
    stability and endurance

  • Great

  • Advanced Sun
    Protection of UPF 50+

  • Anti Bacterial

Volare™ Cycling Bibs & Shorts

Our Volare™ Series Bottoms are constructed using Italian-made MITI Shield Endurance™ and MITI Action Black™ compression fabrics with an additional option of bib straps made from Glacier™ fabric, used for its high performance in multiple aspects: elasticity, ventilation, and moisture-wicking. The leg hems utilize our Syntex™ Comfort Gripper silicone-injected bands to keep them in place on your ride, and our Volare™ level bottoms come with the EIT Tour HP™ Italian-made chamois for either road or off-road use.

Standard Features:

  • Printed with our Vibrant Color Architecture™ process
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts
  • Our exclusive 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Notable Features:

  • Italian MITI Shield Endurance™ fabric for exceptional compression and privacy coverage
  • Italian MITI Action Black™ fabric providing excellent durability and support
  • EIT Tour HP™ Italian-made chamois for advanced comfort
  • Syntex™ Comfort Gripper silicone-injected leg hem bands for ultimate comfort, performance, and look!
  • Pro Flatlock Stitching delivering a no chaff or irritation experience to you


MITI Shield Endurance™

Developed in Italy by MITI, Shield Endurance™ is a premier top end compression fabric constructed solely with high performance in mind.  Its combination of a patented knit and tight construction mean Shield Endurance offers excellent compression and support.  When you suit up in a garment made from Shield Endurance™ you’ll immediately feel the difference in support and comfort.  The way the fabric supports your muscles but stretches with them is incredible and a sure bet this garment will become a favorite.  Best yet, Shield Endurance™ prints incredibly well for awesome vivid graphics and has ZERO see-through even wet, so you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues!

MITI Action Black™

Created by athletic fabric expert MITI in Italy, Action Black™ lives up to their reputation as a world-class supplier for high performance textiles.  Action Black™ provides incredible compression well above standard fabrics using proprietary knit technology which results in a 4-way stretch product.  This gives you support when you need it, and flexibility and fluid movement when you don’t.  This combination means that during athletic movements you lose less energy fighting the fabric itself resulting and increased performance and endurance!  Action Black™ also provides superb durability and can be counted on to maintain its form and structure for years over other standard fabrics.

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